Maximise Your First Sauna Session

Make sure you watch the video and read this from start to finish to get the best experience from your sauna blanket. 


Your Essentials

Clothing essentials! (IMPORTANT)
We always recommend wearing clothes inside the blanket.

Simple exercise clothes and a pair of socks will be perfect.

Simply put, you’ll sweat a lot, so staying hydrated is important.

We recommend keeping a bottle next to you.

Most MiHIGH customers love to use a bottle with a big straw to make it super easy to drink while you’re in the blanket.

We always recommend using your time in the blanket as a way to meditate and mentally switch off. However, that’s not for everyone.

A lot of customers use the time to watch that next episode of Netflix or listen to their favourite podcast while soaking up all the health benefits.

So go into the session with your entertainment planned.

Time blocked from distractions
It’s important to not be jumping in and out of the blanket once you start your session.

So let those around you know that you're about to jump in the blanket and can’t be interrupted for half an hour.

You’ll have a much more enjoyable session because of it.


Preparing Your Blanket

Heatproof surface
We always recommend using your infrared sauna blanket on a heatproof surface.

As examples, your bed or living room floor are a great place to use the blanket.

If you want to use it on your couch, we recommend lying a few towels down underneath.

The more towels, the better your experience.

The fact is, you are going to sweat a lot.

This is a good thing - you will be detoxing heavily and experiencing a wide range of other health benefits. But sweat can get messy.

We recommend using 2-3 towels for a session.

One over your pillow.

One on the ground next to your blanket.

Start with a lower temperature.

Once you have set up your blanket, plugged it in and turned it on, give it 5 minutes to heat up.

We recommend starting at 50-60 degrees celsius. While you can go straight to 80, we suggest building up to 80 over a few sessions.

Don't tug at the connector, it's fixed to the blanket. 


Plan With The End In Sight

Cold shower
The best part about the infrared sauna blanket experience is the post sauna high.

To help supercharge that high, we recommend jumping straight into a cold shower after your session.

So make sure the shower is free and ready so you can hop out of your blanket and jump straight in.

Trust us, it will feel amazing!

Packaging It Away

Focus on you before the blanket
Once you finish your 30-45 minutes in the blanket, have your cold shower and put your feet up for 5-10 minutes to enjoy the natural high.

Because our blankets are completely water (sweat) proof, just leave it there until you’re ready to pack it away.

The cool-down period
Give your blanket 15-20 minutes to cool down before you fold it away.

The 2 minute clean
Cleaning down the blanket is very simple.

Wipe away the sweat.

Use a natural anti-bacterial spray to keep it fresh.

Then give it a final wipe down and let it dry.

Folding it away
Folding the blanket to be stored in your packaging is very simple. Simply fold in half along the length of the blanket, then fold in half twice to fit back in its box. 

It's very important that you don't fold the blanket while it's still warm. 

Don't put any other blankets or heavy objects on top of it. 

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Your very own infrared sauna blanket. Get that sauna high whenever you like, at home or on the go.


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