This Groundbreaking Blanket Helps People Get Glowing Skin, Better Their Moods and Burn Fat in Minutes. Will It Put Spas and Wellness Studios Out of Business?
"How I began to look and feel my absolute best without (literally!) lifting a finger."
by Maggie Reid, Feb 5, 2022

The “TL;DR”

Infrared sauna benefits from the comfort of your home
Better sleep, naturally enhanced mood & faster recovery
30 minutes = up to 600 calories burned
Promotes blood circulation & supports the immune system
Helps stimulate collagen production for healthier, glowing skin
30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee

Now, I’d like to make something clear:

I don’t consider myself lazy. I go to the gym at least twice a week, avoid junk foods (besides occasional weekend indulgences), have a solid skincare regimen and overall just take good care of myself.

My friends would probably say that I’m even more health-conscious than most people. For example, one of my biggest habits was going to an infrared sauna after workouts.

It became my favorite ritual!

An infrared sauna would make me instantly feel more relaxed, rested and did wonders for my energy levels and mood. It also helped relieve any muscle tensions or pains that I would occasionally get after training.

My infrared sauna treatments would even benefit my skin - it was glowing! I’d get compliments with questions like, “What $100 serum are you using NOW?” (they couldn’t believe it was all thanks to infrared heat).

The benefits were great, but there was a problem...

I didn’t always have the time to go to the wellness studio, where the sauna was, plus the treatments were really expensive.

And then, when we all had to stay home - I decided I had to figure out a better way.

I was browsing the internet in search of the solution for WEEKS. There were many skincare, home workout and pain-relief products, but I couldn’t find anything even close to my all-benefits-in-one, infrared sauna treatments.

Meanwhile, the reality of a sedentary lifestyle started to kick in... I began to gain weight... no longer glowing, my skin was now tired and dull... and I felt depressed.

I was honestly just about to give up on searching...

When I suddenly got a call from one of my friends from the wellness studio...

ATTENTION: Your skin and body love expensive spa treatments, but your wallet hates the price tag?

This innovative company is revolutionizing the industry with the Infrared Sauna Blanket that can help you sweat out pounds of fat, promote healthy, glowing skin and instantly elevate your mood - with just 30 minutes a day, from the comfort of your home.

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...He told me about the product he recently started using and immediately fell in love with.

It’s called MiHIGH.

He explained it’s an infrared sauna blanket that delivers the benefits of infrared sauna treatments, but at a fraction of the cost and without spending hours to commute between home and a wellness studio.

It seemed almost too good to be true, so I did my research on MiHIGH.

As I quickly found out, my friend wasn’t the only one enjoying the blanket...

Professional athletes, high-level executives, fitness personalities, celebrity trainers and hundreds of health-conscious people were all wrapping themselves up in MiHIGH Infrared Sauna Blanket and raving about its benefits.

Michael Chiesa, the UFC’s “Ultimate Fighter”:

"The MiHIGH sauna blanket provides me the same benefits as a sit down infrared sauna, but in the portability of a blanket. When I'm on the road and stressed, I use my MiHIGH sauna blanket to help with my muscle recovery, help me lose weight and relax me before heading to bed.”

Sophia Magana, the MMA Athlete explained:

"I wanted to try MiHIGH is because it is all inclusive for recovery, cutting weight and inflammation. Infrared is the new hot thing for recovery.”

MiHIGH is also a favorite of Jennifer Lopez's Trainer - David Kirsch:

"The MiHIGH infrared sauna blanket is my go-to at the end of the day for the ultimate restoration, relaxation, and rejuvenation of mind and body.”

Effortless Health Breakthrough

The technology behind MiHIGH’s magic is infrared heating. If you’ve used an infrared sauna before, you know how it works, but if you’ve only tried a traditional steam sauna - this is much different.

Infrared doesn’t heat the air around you. Instead, it directly heats your body.

The Benefits?
  • MiHIGH helps detoxify your body quickly - up to 7x faster detoxification than with a steam sauna.
  • You can use MiHIGH Infrared Sauna Blanket conveniently from the comfort of your home.
  • As the infrared heat penetrates deep into your body, it helps to increase bloodflow and supports accelerated muscle recovery.
  • MiHIGH infrared technology promotes healthy skin - it helps eliminate dirt, debris and toxins, which are sweat out from the body!
  • One 30-minute session with MiHIGH can be a great fat-burner - you may sweat out as much as 600 calories - all while laying on your bed without lifting a finger.
Fitness, Beauty and Wellness
Made Convenient and Affordable

Staying healthy feels great, but it’s not always easy.

Especially when your favorite gym and wellness studio closes down and you’re left with only the limited space of your home.

And healthy isn’t cheap, either!

Especially when the monthly subscriptions add up and silently eat up your account balance.

And as much as I like to care for my skin with creams and serums, my skincare regimen can take so much of my time, I sometimes wish I never had to do it again.

That’s why I made the multi-purpose MiHIGH Infrared Sauna Blanket a part of my weekly routine (and my guilt-free pleasure that I always look forward to).

Rejuvenates Skin

Burns Calories

Reduces Stress

Improves Sleep

Boosts Collagen

Releases Toxins

Promotes Happines

No Inflammation

Boost Your Health, Looks and Mood with
Your Very Own Infrared Sauna Experience

After trying MiHIGH Infrared Sauna Blanket for a month (they offer a 30-day money back guarantee), I decided not to go back to my in-studio sauna treatments.

Not only is MiHIGH a better investment (it will save me over a thousand dollars this year), it’s also the most effortless, pleasurable way to support my skin, sleep and wellness - both at home and when traveling (it fits perfectly in my suitcase!).

Try It Risk-Free

MiHIGH Infrared Sauna Blanket is only available online.

With over 10,000 blankets already sold, the news about MiHIGH is spreading fast! It’s already been featured in major media publications including GQ, Daily Mail, InStyle and The Times.

As more people catch up on MiHIGH benefits, the stock has become limited.

To secure your at-home infrared sauna experience, it’s best to make an order now while the supply lasts.

MiHIGH comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so if you don’t like your at-home infrared sauna experience, you can return it for a 100% refund, no questions asked.

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For a limited time, when ordering MiHIGH Infrared Sauna Blanket, you’ll get a MiHIGH Experience Kit ($150 value) - entirely FREE.

What’s included in the Experience Kit?

1x sweat-absorbing towel insert to use in the blanket, no clothes necessary.

3x microfibre towels for wiping down any sweat.

1x spray bottle for cleaning the blanket after use

1x headband to stop sweat from getting in your eyes.

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This deal can be taken down at any moment, so be sure to act fast and secure your infrared sauna benefits now.

As always, every MiHIGH order is backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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