Experience Kit

The perfect compliment for your infrared sauna experience.

  • 1x premium material, sweat-absorbing sauna towel insert to use in the blanket, no clothes necessary.
  • 3x microfibre towels for wiping down any sweat.
  • 1x spray bottle for cleaning the blanket after use.
  • 1x headband - making it easier to read, watch TV or meditate without sweat in your eyes.
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CURRENT DELIVERY TIME: All orders will be delivered early December
CURRENT DELIVERY TIME: All orders will be delivered early December.

Everything you need to get the most out of MiHIGH and clean your MiHIGH, in one simple kit.


Sauna Towel Insert

Using a premium blend of bamboo and long staple cotton, this sauna towel insert allows you to skip the workout clothes and go straight into the towel, for less cleaning afterwards.

Premium Materials


3x Microfibre Towels

1 microfibre exerise towel and 2 cleaning towels for easy cleaning for both your face and the blanket.

Portable Design


Spray Bottle

Fill up with water and spray the blanket after use for an easy wipe down.

Handheld Control



Don’t worry about sweat dripping down into your eyes, you can now read, watch tv or meditate much easier.

Waterproof Liner