Gravity Eye Massager


Multi-frequency air pressure massage combined with restorative heat supports circulatory function, improves sleep quality, relieves headaches, and more. Portable, foldable, adjustable, and bluetooth compatible, it’s simple to incorporate this luxurious wellness ritual into your everyday routine.

  • Adjustable, foldable, and portable
  • Uses air pressure to massage
  • 5 massage modes for a custom experience
  • Includes heat for additional benefits
  • Improves headaches, circulatory function, and sleep
  • Reduces stress and facial tension
Material & specs
ABS, PU, Elastic band.
Product contains built-in Lithium-ion battery.
What’s included
Eye Massager
5V2A adapter with international plugs
How long does the battery last?
Built-in 1-hour rechargeable battery

Is it adjustable?
The strap on the eye massager is adjustable and is designed to fit all sizes.

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